My name is heri s. I came from Cirebon and now I live at a boarding house  at Pondok Cina, Depok. In this boarding house, I meet some good friends in my life. So let me to describe my friends.

Firstly, Mahfudl on the right side. You can call him Aput. He is collegian at Islamic University Syarief  Hidayatullah. He has a thin body.  He is a fussy man because he talks so much every day in our boarding house. Aput likes playing the game especially playstasion. I always lost if we played the game.

Secondly, hendra on the middle side. You can call him batak. He is collegian at perbanas. I knew batak when  I came to boarding house in 2006. batak has a suspect body. This is because he likes sport especially running in the morning. But, he likes eat too much more than twice every day. Furthermore, batak really likes watching television and dvd. He always know the title, story and how the ending of the movie.

Thirdly,Vicky Aditama on the left side. You can call him Vicky, But some body call him Vick Choi. He is collegian at Gunadarma University. He has a thin body too but he had a lot of girl friend, so we can call him playboy. Vicky is a good basketball player. He is a skillfull man, especially about computer. I always helped by Vicky when my computer infected virus.

Finally, we all have stayed together at the same boarding house at Pondok Cina, Depok.beside our activities, we all  have many similarities. For example, we like watching television, dvd, and sport together. All similarities increase the frienship among us.


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