the hardness of competition make many people to have competitive excellent

Number of unemployment is more and more because the number of job seekers is not proportional with number of field of endeavour. In Indonesia, unemployment is more and more because discharge of work (PHK), after the price of oil (BBM) is more expensive at 1 Oktober  2005. Economic observers estimate discharge of work will be reach about 1 – 2.5 million people, but government estimate it about 1 million (Bisnis Indonesia, 21/10/2005).

From data BPS (2006), about 60.4 % the number of job seekers in Indonesia is concentrate in Java, 19,94 % in Sumatra and at least in Papua about 2,07 %. It is explain that Java is still central growth of economics, but with area autonomy the development out of Java should have happened. But in fact, not all of development is moving to region. Beside that, supplying funds in education about 20 % from number of APBN every year, should be change the quality of human resource.

To balanced the economic growth rate, government should have to create field of endeavour with develop small society economics ( UMKM). Beside that, to create the good investment climate with fiscal incentive, easy to get working capital credit, rule of law, security, administration is not twisting, and free from illegal quotation. So, government needs   new approach with training of job method based on Competency Based Training.

If analyzed, at least is four root cause of unemployment in Indonesia, :

  1. Inappropriate between competency of labour with competency that consumers need (market oriented and industrial world). Effort to finish it is provide the education program and training for unemployment with the curriculum based on market oriented to fulfil requirement market oriented.
  2. Weaken of job seekers graduate of formal education because besides don’t compete, also less self confidence, not self-supporting, less initiative, don’t have competitiveness and don’t know what will to do after having completed study.
  3. Lowing the entrepreneurship of job seekers   graduate of formal education in Indonesia concentrate to be job seekers and don’t be job creators. Therefore, curriculum about entrepreneur.
  4. Lowing ability of have foreign language caused Indonesian labour is unable to compete to reach opportunity job.

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